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Portugal and Spain

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The Iberian Peninsula awaits ready to unveil her treasures to you. With Lisbon as your home base during your spectacular adventure in Portugal, you will have plenty of opportunities to revel in this magical city, where the past and present come together. In Spain, your time in this captivating country takes you to Spain’s southern region of Andalusia with Seville as your base.  In Seville one cannot help but be taken aback by the tremendous wealth of striking architecture serving as testament of the city’s Moorish and history as a prosperous trading port.   

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Nestled along the Atlantic Coast, Portugal beckons with its sea-faring past, quaint old towns, popular coastal villages, and amazing affordability – making it an outstanding tourism destination and an equally great value for travelers

Travel to Spain for an unforgettable experience. Spain awaits ready to unveil her treasures. On our vast array of Spain vacation packages you can envision yourself…Roaring “Ole” during a fiery Flamenco…Toasting “salud” with new friends over “tinto de verano”…Exclaiming “delicioso” for delectable dishes…Feeling truly “bienvenido” by the warm.